Why Culture Videos are Critical for Recruitment Marketing
September 28, 2020

Summary: Recruitment these days is more competitive than ever. Yet too many HR departments are stuck in the past, using old methods that don’t appeal to modern job seekers. Change your hiring practices by making human resource videos, specifically culture videos, to snag the top talent. Not only will your recruitment processes be more successful, but you’ll also find your internal practices improving with each video. Not sure where to begin or how it works?

Make the Best Human Resource Videos With Culture Videos

In the Human Resources department, you typically have two key goals: Recruit and Retain. In addition to those objectives, you may also have to design content that promotes change within the workplace.

All too often, HR resorts to memos and mass emails to make their point. Meanwhile, they look to recruit using your standard practice of posting a large wall of text on a job posting website. While these methods certainly have their place, a well-crafted video can do so much more.

This is even more true when we talk about videos that promote a company’s culture. Let’s see why those can be the most effective tools for an HR department.

What Are Culture Videos?

A culture video is, simply put, a video that highlights positive aspects of the corporate culture where you work. Showing off your positive workplace culture is more important than ever. In fact, research shows that 80% of millennials, one of the largest recruitment groups today, value a culture that allows them professional growth more than any other characteristic.

Think about that. A millennial is far more likely to value growth over pay. Growth depends heavily on culture, so you need to show how yours will give your candidates what they want.

Examples of Videos That Display Culture

What would a good culture video include? A great idea could be a “day in the life” video featuring a position and what they do on a normal workday. You want people to see what it’s like to work in your offices.

Another strong tactic is to interview current employees and stitch their answers together. You can also highlight fun company events, like team-building exercises or even something as simple as your weekly Friday outing.

How Culture Videos Improve Recruitment

First and foremost, the use of video on your job listing will lead to 34% more applicants! That gives you a huge leg up over the competition, since you’ll be able to select from a better talent pool. And the benefits don’t stop there.

Video transmits far more warmth and emotion than a cold email or bland job posting. With video, you actually get to control how someone perceives your company, leading to more committed candidates when they do step through the door for an interview.

Proudly and prominently displaying your workplace culture through video is bound to build a better team. But what can you do with video to strengthen your existing core of employees?

Using Human Resource Videos Internally

Just as recruitment can benefit from the power of video, so too can your internal practices. Say there’s a new healthcare policy at your office and you want to show employees all the possible plans that they can choose from. This normally involves reading text-heavy forms that few people readily understand.

Cut to the chase with a well-designed video! This is precisely where human resource videos can be helpful. Often, all that complex information can be boiled down to a 30-second or one-minute video that transmits the key information quickly and effectively.

Another smart tactic is to use videos for training purposes. You can get the veterans in your office to help you by writing down a procedure and then film it. Not only will your new employees improve faster, but they’ll see that your recruitment video wasn’t just fluff.

Retaining Staff With Videos

What good is recruiting all that talent if they just leave for greener pastures? You can use video to retain your staff as well by making them feel more involved and committed to the workplace.

A great way to do this is by making profile videos of each employee. Plan your script out and take 15 minutes to sit down with your person of choice to get their thoughts on things.

Possible Video Topics

Consider making videos asking for feedback so that the company can make better decisions. People love to make their voices heard.

Another smart move is to interview new hires after a month or two and ask them questions about their experience. The same goes for veterans: ask them what they wish they had known when they started or what they would recommend for newcomers.

Not only will you be strengthening the bonds between coworkers, but you’ll also be creating useful content that everyone can learn and benefit from. Besides, videos are fun to make, and who couldn’t use a few minutes of fun at work?

Need Professional Help?

If you’re not sure where to begin and want a professional team to help you make your first videos, get in touch with CorporateFilming now. Our staff will work with you to figure out what kind of video best suits your needs, and we’ll help you make the perfect video, every time.

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