Nine Reasons Why Hiring an Internal Videographer May Cost You More
October 24, 2020

Research shows that video is one of the most effective methods when it comes to marketing your brand. It boosts sales and conversions, it yields a great ROI and it can be effective in getting your web site pages to the top of search engines.

With video becoming a marketing must, many brands have to make an important decision regarding whether they want to work with an outside filming agency or whether they want to hire an internal videographer.

The internal videographer route may seem like a money saving option. Companies may warm up to the idea of having someone on hand to make videos at their convenience. They may think an internal videographer will save on time that could be spent hiring outside companies and placing orders. But the reality is, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

This article will take a look at why hiring an internal videographer may be costing you more time and money than working with an outside agency.

Payroll Expenses Add Up

The emptying of the bank account will begin as soon as you hire your videographer. Paying a weekly salary will be the first expense you will incur, but don’t forget about overtime, workers comp and all the money you will need to spend on employer taxes.

Equipment Expenses Are Another Concern

You may think you’re halfway there if you have access to a quality camera. But making a good film takes a lot more equipment than a camera.

Videographers must edit a piece and touch up the sound and color. They may also want to add subtitles. This requires software that can be quite costly. It also requires hours of work that will further eat into your payroll expenses.

Travel Expenses Can Get Out of Hand

Dealing with an in-house videographer may seem convenient because they are close to home. But what if your shoot’s not close to home? If you need to send your videographer out to an event happening in another city or another country, you will need to pick up the bill for travel, hotels and maybe even meals.

Licensing and Permits and Authorizations, Oh My!

While you may have factored in all these obvious expenses, there are other issues that may arise that will keep those number rising. For instance, if you want to use a song in your video, you’ll need to pay for the licensing. You may also need licenses and permits to film at certain locations.

Face it, when it comes to budget, it will be impossible to plan for all the unlikely circumstances that can arise.

Time is Money

Expenses will rack up when you hire an internal videographer, but you will also lose the precious commodity of time.

As an owner of your company, how much are you worth? $50 an hour? $100 an hour? Well, whatever you think you’re worth, you can start adding your own salary to your videographer’s expenses.

The time you spend training your videographer, making travel arrangements and dealing with anything that goes wrong will take valuable time out of your day. Of course, you can hire other staff to deal with these problems, but that will further increase payroll and/or take time away from other important tasks they could be dealing with.

Deadlines May Be Out the Window

You may think that with an in-house videographer you will have the content you need when you need it. Not so fast.

Once your team finds out that you have a videographer on hand, they will all be wanting a piece. Your H.R. department may want them to film a training video. Your accounting department may want a finance related piece for the office. And Ethel from sales may want them to film her daughter’s birthday party this Saturday.

Before you know it, your videographer will be so booked up, it will be impossible for them to reach the deadlines you have in mind.

Quality May Not Be Up to Par

When you order a video for your company, you want it to be top quality. But don’t be surprised if the work you get from your videographer is less than perfect.

A good videographer is very much in demand. The ones that do top notch work are likely to already be working at a filming company or they may in business for themselves. You may be hiring a hard worker and paying them a decent salary, but it’s likely that even at this rate, you aren’t going to get the level of content you are looking for.

A One Person Shoot Isn’t Going to Cut it

If you want a high-quality shoot, you need several camera-people, a director, an editor, and someone to plan out the shoot in terms of a treatment and logistics. Your videographer will need a team. This extra manpower will further increase payroll costs.

They Aren’t FranchiseFilming

Now let’s take a look at how much smoother your road could be if you start by hiring a professional agency like FranchiseFilming.

One Price: FranchiseFilming will give you one up front price for the entire shoot. That includes all travel costs, all equipment, licensing and permits and a staff of trained professionals. Our price will never go up due to unexpected expenses.

No Headaches: When you use our company, there are no headaches and no surprises. Any last-minute changes and unavoidable circumstances are our problem.  We’ll never call you at 1 AM to tell you the film got destroyed or the plane was late.

Ten Day Turnaround: We guarantee you will get your video in ten days. Ten days from the day you call, you will have a completed video in your hand.

We Save Time: You may be concerned about making a lengthy phone call to give us all your company details and explain exactly what you are expecting from your finished product. At FranchiseFilming, we make it our business to know our clients and their expectations. We make it easy for you to let us know what you’re looking for and we will deliver a product you are happy with. Most orders can be made in a short phone call or email message.

High Quality: Our staff of trained professionals will get you a quality product with terrific sound, outstanding visuals and a format you will love.

When you’re in business, time and money are your most valuable commodities. Don’t waste your resources hiring an in-house videographer. FranchiseFilming will give you a great product at an affordable price and those are promises that make us worth our weight in gold.


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