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Recruit Top Talent And Close More Sales.

Chief Marketing Officers​

There are over 1.5 million businesses in the United States. Stand out with ongoing consistent videos of your product, staff and story to drive brand growth.

90% of consumers say video helps them in a purchasing decision. (Hubspot)

  • Highlight All Your Offices & People – With our membership model, you will never be charged travel. We are your national U.S. resource for filming needs. Whether it is customer, executive or product videos – we handle all communication, scheduling and handling of the film day. We make it so easy.
  • Save Your Time – Are you tired of finding a new videographer that does sub par work in each new city? Tired of waiting for edits to be done? We use the same point of contact and often the same crew for each project. And we get your video done in just 10 days.
  • Save Budget – Say goodbye to hiring an internal videographer that you have to fly around and pay overtime – our transparent annual rates include all travel, flights, food – and yes, even our coffee on the way to film your awesome video!

Recruitment Directors & Training​ Supervisors

A recent CareerBuilder survey found that job postings with videos have a 34% greater application rate.

We spotlight your upbeat and sunny staff, anywhere in the U.S. and on a consistent basis to drive recruitment, save money on training and to create connections while personalizing your leadership.

  • Highlight Delighted Employees – From the office or at home! We put a story and emotion to your brand – people want to work with fun and passionate people – show that!
  • Save Budget – With our zero travel fees, you can feature your executives and staff anywhere. All without hiring an internal videographer, paying their equipment and paying them overtime. We never use scripts – we capture the real story of your happy staff.

CEOs and Leadership​

In today’s world, consumers want to know who they are doing business with and recruits desire a brand mission they can go all in on, full hustle.

With the podcast How I Built This, Guy Raz dives into the stories behind some of the world’s best known companies. These are powerful narrative journeys about innovators, entrepreneurs and idealists—and the movements they built.

Why are these stories so engaging? They humanize a brand and their mission. Today more than ever, people do business with people, not faceless corporations.

  • Connect with customers and your next great employees with videos that tell your story.
  • Build trust and share your “why” and brand mission, attracting lifelong supporters.
  • Grow your brand while gaining true fans and distancing yourself from the competition.

Video is the most powerful way to spotlight your journey and give your brand a story those fans can get behind and share.

“We just received confirmation that we signed a six-figure contract with a new client. Guess how they found us? The video CorporateFilming made for us that helped us tell our story. What an ROI!

~ Vaughn Sigmon, RDL Training

“CorporateFilming has been and continues to be an integral part of our Go Mini’s operation. Their videos have increased location visibility, which directly leads to an increase in leads and notoriety on a local AND national level.

~ Ryan Alphonso, Go Minis Corporate Franchise Development

“I thought I’d have to be involved a lot more. You all have been wonderful….You all are so passionate about what you do….you make it so easy and flexible. From our first call, I was sold because it was so easy to work with you.

~ Marie Eberwein, Art Direction & Marketing, One Login

“The end result was a cost-effective, polished piece that chronicles the journey of a long-time employee from host to franchise owner. The pre-filming, shoot and post-production were handled in an easy and professional manner. I would recommend CorporateFilming to any business looking to tell their story through video and grow their brand.”

~ Mike Halpern, Glory Days Grill

“If you need a team that is versatile and flexible and knows how to just get it done, that’s CorporateFilming. You all handled everything at the last second, created a beautiful overnight edit for us and filmed for 5 days with beautiful photos and video. We will definitely use you again.”

~ Anne Haas, Director Communications, EPRI

“The video looks great, the CEO and I were very impressed! Thank you so much for the quick turnaround time! We’d love to make more videos from the footage you created!”

~ Kristen Altamure, Director of Digital Marketing Operations, Marketing Evolution

“We got over 4 million views on our set of TV ads we had them do. They found the actors, wrote the script, and handled everything. Highly recommended to grow your brand and your business.”

~ Shopkick Enterprises

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The Importance of Marketing Videos: Social Proof is Key

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4 Reasons Recruitment Videos Help You Find Employees

4 Reasons Recruitment Videos Help You Find Employees

CareerBuilder found that applications for jobs with videos have a 34% higher chance. To put it another way, adding a video to your job application will attract more applicants to your job. Pretty awesome, huh? Franchise Recruitment videos and brand recruitment videos...

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