Podcast Ep 6: Victoria Reaves from Victoria’s Joyful Creations
December 9, 2020
Victoria Reaves from Victoria’s Joyful Creations

CorporateFilming is excited to announce the release of our sixth podcast. For this episode, our CEO, Trevor Rappleye had the opportunity to sit down with Victoria Reaves, founder of Victoria’s Joyful Creations.

Victoria’s Joyful Creations is a company that specializes in paper and foam flower design, interior and visual retail design, fashion and runway staging and private events. During the interview, Reaves talks about the challenges she faced building her company. She turns to Rappleye for advice and also shares some valuable lessons she has learned.

One challenge Reaves faces is trying to do everything with limited resources. She struggles to be the creative force behind her business while running a successful marketing campaign. She asks Rappleye, “What would you suggest I do not just to build the capital but to be both people in your business when you don’t have the resources?” Tune in to find out Trevor’s answer.

Trevor also advises Reaves on how important sales are. He urges her to do everything she can to promote her products and boost sales. Then he shares a valuable quote with her that states, “If you have a product but no one knows it exists, you have nothing.”

Next Reaves talks about some things she has learned that have helped her move her business forward. In reference to reaching her goals she says, “One thing is actually putting a date and time on it instead of saying ‘I’m having it come out soon’”.

She also talks about the importance of focusing on short term goals that will help her achieve long term goals. Finally, she emphasizes how important it is for entrepreneurs to keep an eye on the bottom line and bring in money.

Our episode 6 interview with Victoria Reaves contains lessons that can help you boost your company’s revenue and tuning in is completely free.

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