Podcast Ep 3: Trevor Rappleye Talks About the Importance of Authenticity in the Business World
November 18, 2020
CorporateFilming announces new podcast with Trevor Rappleye

Corporate Filming and Franchise Filming is pleased to announce the release of our third podcast episode. This one is a short snippet from our CEO Trevor Rappleye.

Rappleye talks about how important it is to use stories to show your authenticity.

He paints a picture of the corporate world of old. This was a world where businessmen wore austere business suits and never showed their true personality.

“That’s not how it works anymore. People want to hear your story,” Rappleye says.

He then discusses his experience coming out in the business world. He talks about how that involved breaking through old world views where you were advised to keep quiet and fit in.

He emphasizes how this is no longer the case. Today people want to hear a story and connect, and they are much more accepting of different cultures, races and sexual orientations.

As a result, Rappleye lives in a society where he can be his true self. He is humbled to have the support of his family and friends to have an opportunity to grow a successful business in today’s world.

He encourages everyone to tell their story no matter how they think people will react.

“Tell people your story. It’s something that can not be mocked. It’s something that nobody can duplicate. Your product, your business motto, even your job, someone can take it over in a heartbeat. Anyone can film video, but no one tells stories like we (at CorporateFilming and FranchiseFilming) do.”

Franchise Filming, Trevor Rappleye

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