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How “LiveStream” Content Can Drive Your Sales

Stuck on what content to create during COVID-19? Sales take a bit of a hit? We can help.​​

There are many ways we can effectively incorporate “LiveStream” video into your game plan.

The right strategy incorporating tools like live-streaming while implementing a “video recipe” can be a way to:

  • Drive Sales
  • Increase Conversions
  • Stand Out
  • Personalize Your Brand

Don’t wait until everyone is back in the office – do we actually know when that will be?

Find out how our national and creative film team can help YOU and your business schedule these interviews, film them, edit them, and produce them back to you in only 5 days.

You know you need content, let us help!

How LiveStreaming Can Work For You

LiveStream Services
LiveStream Services
LiveStream Services

Check Out Some “Behind The Scenes”

What are the benefits of “LivesStream” marketing?​

With a host of other digital marketing tools at your disposal, you might be wondering whether producing live broadcasts is worthwhile. After all, what is live video content going to do that a traditional marketing campaign cannot?

  • Research shows that 80% of audiences prefer live video to blog content, while 82% prefer live video to social posts.
  • Live video content is engaging and helps spur your target audience to action. Video embedded in an email, for example, could double or even triple your click-through rates. Nearly 40% of executives place a call to a vendor after watching a video.
  • LiveStream marketing increases conversions. The end goal of any digital marketing tactic is to drive sales and increase conversions. LiveStream marketing boosts sales intent amongst your target audience by 97% and solidifies brand association by 139%.
  • Video content strategically placed on a landing page can increase conversions by 80% or more, while 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video.

LiveStream video is an effective tool in your digital marketing arsenal that can help you reach your audience, expand your brand and ultimately drive more sales. Best of all, LiveStream marketing is less expensive, making it easy to secure a return on investment. About 73% of B2B businesses using live video to reach their target audience report positive results to their ROI.

Schedule your call with us today to see how LiveStream video marketing can help you grow your business!

“We got over 4 million views on our set of TV ads we had them do. They found the actors, wrote the script, and handled everything. Highly recommended to grow your brand and your business.”

~ Shopkick Enterprises

“I thought I’d have to be involved a lot more. You all have been wonderful….You all are so passionate about what you do….you make it so easy and flexible. From our first call, I was sold because it was so easy to work with you.

~ Marie Eberwein, Art Direction & Marketing, One Login

“The end result was a cost-effective, polished piece that chronicles the journey of a long-time employee from host to franchise owner. The pre-filming, shoot and post-production were handled in an easy and professional manner. I would recommend CorporateFilming to any business looking to tell their story through video and grow their brand.”

~ Mike Halpern, Glory Days Grill

“The video looks great, the CEO and I were very impressed! Thank you so much for the quick turnaround time! We’d love to make more videos from the footage you created!”

~ Kristen Altamure, Director of Digital Marketing Operations, Marketing Evolution

“If you need a team that is versatile and flexible and knows how to just get it done, that’s CorporateFilming. You all handled everything at the last second, created a beautiful overnight edit for us and filmed for 5 days with beautiful photos and video. We will definitely use you again.”

~ Anne Haas, Director Communications, EPRI

“CorporateFilming has been and continues to be an integral part of our Go Mini’s operation. Their videos have increased location visibility, which directly leads to an increase in leads and notoriety on a local AND national level.

~ Ryan Alphonso, Go Minis Corporate Franchise Development

“We just received confirmation that we signed a six-figure contract with a new client. Guess how they found us? The video CorporateFilming made for us that helped us tell our story. What an ROI!

~ Vaughn Sigmon, RDL Training

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