We want to truly start making a difference.

I want our team to help kids that want to learn video and filming at a young age and to have the resources and support that they need.

Corporate filming and franchise filming foundation

Ever since I began filming at age 13, I fell in love with it. I am grateful that I was able to attend a great high school and have a great family that supported my dream of learning video and film.

I had hands-on experience with a real professional, which made me fall in love with filming and allowed me to find my true passion in life.

I also came out at age 24 and had full support from my family and friends. Some people don’t have that. The CDC says that LGBTQ individuals with families that reject them are 8.4 times more likely to commit suicide than families that accept them.

I want our team to take a stand and help the LGBTQ+ find love, support, and guidance.

We are proudly partnering with various LGBT groups around the US and high school film programs to make sure they get the support knowledge and help they need to live the best life that they can.

This is where the idea and passion for the CorporateFilming and FranchiseFilming Foundation came to be, I want our company to stand for something and to make a true difference.

Beginning in 2021, every time we sign a new client, we will be giving $500 towards these causes to hopefully make a positive impact in this world, from my team to yours.

Thank you for supporting us, our growth and our new giving-back foundation. I wondered why somebody didn’t do something. Then I realized I am somebody.

With Love,
Trevor Rappleye + Team
CEO & Storyteller

P.S. Looking to match our donation or give yourself? Please contact us today or call us!

Brave Trails
Christian Brothers High School

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