Frequently Asked Questions

At CorporateFilming, we get a lot of the same questions from our clients concerning what they can expect from the filming process.

Below is a list of FAQs that will provide some much-needed answers – so we can get to telling your story faster!

If you ever are lost, we are here to help!

Please call us at 562-583-3456 & ask for Javier or book a call with our team directly!

Director of Production - Javier

Director of Production:

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Director of Post Production - Autumn

Director of Post Production:

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CEO & Contracts + Upgrades - Trevor

CEO & Contracts + Upgrades:

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When does the filming day begin and end?

Our shoots generally run from 8AM to 5PM. Our crew shows up at usually 7am to do the hour long set up. Our first round of interviewees show up to be ready by 8am. The time to set up is not billed to you – we do need 1 hour to set up. To see a quick overview video, click here.

Do I have to be there the whole time?

Anyone who’s participating in the video should be prepared to stay at the shoot for 4 – 6 hours- especially people who are being interviewed! We know you all have busy lives, but it has been our experience that client crews that stick around longer give us more time to get creative and have fun.

Essentially, the longer you stick around the better your video will be. Our team of editors need as much b-roll (footage outside of the interview) to make sure your video is not boring. I mean, who wants to see someone just talking the whole time? We don’t!

I can only stay at the shoot for a half an hour. Is that okay?

Unfortunately, Nope. The interview alone will take half an hour from sitting you down, conducting the interview and wrapping up. We talk to each person for about 10-13 minutes to get a year’s worth of content in just one filming day! We will ask you questions to evoke the answers to your end marketing goal – We do not use scripts. We want to tell an authentic story.

If you leave the set early and don’t allow us to film you, you will be excluded from B roll and this can negatively impact the outcome of the video. We need people to stay at least 2 hours after their interview to get footage of them working, etc. The ideal thing is if someone is on site the whole time!

What is the film day like?

Well, it starts with donuts and coffee – on us! We are all about the experience here.

Usually, the film day kicks off with our interview segments. Those take the longest and are the most important. This is what makes our team different – we want to focus on the story.

Everyone that’s going to be part of our shoot gets interviewed. The interviews take 30 minutes each. This includes set up, the signing of a waiver, and about 15 minutes of interview footage. Of that 15 minutes, expect about 30 seconds to end up in the video. Video marketing is so interesting – we only use your best 15-30 seconds in a video. If you are on our VIP National Subscription Model, we will use your various answers throughout the year! How cool!

After the interviews are done, we break for lunch and grab some caffeine. After that, we film B-roll. This is secondary footage that can include things like you being interactive with your crew, an insider’s view of an average day at the office, product info and more. We want to humanize your brand – we do this by filming your happy people, customers and staff!

We usually wrap at four and then the crew breaks down. When break down occurs, everyone can leave except for the keyholder if one is on site. Don’t leave before we take a selfie together! We may even invite you to dinner or happy hour after…we want to get to know you and your team!

How many people will be interviewed?

That really depends on your company, but we recommend a balance of about six talking heads. We usually like to cap this at six interviews, so we can make sure we focus on b-roll. If needed, we can go up to 8 interviews – but that is the max.

What should I wear?

We don’t have any requirements on what the client’s team should wear other than that you avoid wearing anything with a logo from another company or brand. Beyond that, your team may have suggestions on what to wear such as a company shirt, a suit and tie, etc. Basically, be in your brand!

What should I bring?

It’s going to be a long day so bring whatever makes you comfortable. Also, be aware that we won’t be providing anyone to do hair and makeup. Therefore, you may want to bring a brush or comb or some cosmetics for touch ups. If needed, we can always add a makeup artist on site – just ask us!

Don’t worry – you will look great either way!

Do I get a script? How do you know what my video will be about if we don’t script it?

Nope, we do not give clients a script for the interview or B-roll segments.

We find that when we give out scripts in advance, people tend to practice and they sound like a robot. When we don’t use a script, we get an authentic, emotional response that paints a better picture for viewers – which humanizes your brand and drives your sales!

And don’t worry…we’ll never ask you questions you’re not prepared to answer! A lot of them are emotional based and about your story and success. Here is a great video of an unscripted interview!

How can you guarantee you’ll get me the content I want if I don’t have a script?

Before the filming takes place, we meet with clients and go into detail about what they are expecting as far as their end goal. We require partners to fill out our end marketing goal PDF before we shoot. Our years of expertise have given us the ability to extract the segments we feel best express your message.

That being stated, if you are unhappy with the content we put in, we can always edit it to your specifications. We provide clients with a rough draft before finalizing specifically for that purpose on (our presentation and editing software) – You can see how that works here. All edits are required to be made on or will delay the finalization of your video.

How many locations will we be shooting at?

We know that everyone loves a change of scenery, but our advice is, the fewer locations the better.

We don’t charge you for our first hour of set up, but after that, the clock is ticking. If we have to change locations, that means a tear down and set up at each location – it takes us about 3 hours to do this. That takes time out of your day making for less content.

For best results, we recommend you limit your shoot to one location, two at the most. If we do move locations we recommend the following:

  • Location 1 – 8am-Noon
  • Location 2 – 2pm-5pm

If the location is far, that will be included in your contracted time. Additional hours are $499 an hour to cover the cost of the crew, operations and mileage.

Can you give me all the information I need for the shoot in one place?

Yes. We provide a call sheet to everyone that will be involved in the shoot the week of the filming. The call sheet explains everything including the location of the shoot, the time each employee should show up, the schedule for the day and any other necessary information.

An example of a call sheet can be found here: Call Sheet | Example

How far in advance do I need to schedule the shoot?

Our national team of videographers, editors and producers find that the more time we have to plan the shoot, the better it turns out. It gives us the opportunity to think of creative ideas and make arrangements around any possible issues. Therefore, we recommend you schedule 20 – 30 days before the shoot date.

However, we can film in any time frame you see fit. Need a next day shoot? We’ll make it happen. We like to think that it’s this kind of service that sets us apart.

Have a shoot next week? We can do it.

Do I need to have my entire video planned out when I book it?

No. All we require is a date and a city. The planning can come later – this is what we do best! We go step by step and help you organize the day. We can help schedule everything and think of ideas – this is why people go with us! We want to give you your time back.

How can we make sure we are on the same page in terms of content?

After you book the filming day, we like to schedule 1-2 production meetings before the filming day. These can be done virtually, and we like to schedule these so it goes on our calendars. The first meeting typically takes place 2-3 weeks out, and then we can continue meeting, emailing and calling up until the shoot day. Want to book yours and talk ideas? Book a time on Javier’s time here if you are a VIP Membership Client of ours.

During the meetings, we like to firm up things like the call sheet info and the schedule. We also want to make sure we are clear on your end goal and go over the survey. Everyone that will be involved in decision-making between the editing and filming needs to be involved. We can’t have someone come in after we edit and switch everything around – that is how we get behind.

Some people have a clear idea of what they’re expecting from their video from the get go, but things can change over time. That’s why we feel it’s necessary to keep the meetings going. Keep in mind, we are not your average videographer – We are a full video marketing team that knows how to EXECUTE.

How do I schedule a meeting?

Javier, our head of pre-production, will send you a Calendy link that you can use to schedule the meeting or you can book one HERE! We make things so simple. Confused about your contract? Call us at 562-583-3456 and ask for Trevor – or book a time here!

What’s this about a survey?

As we mentioned earlier, part of the meeting process includes going over a survey. The survey is ten questions or so long and clients answer to give us all the information we need to create our call sheet and schedule and get the best content from our footage. We need your help with this – you can literally fill out the survey…and we can do the rest. Just tell us – I don’t have time to schedule this or help you, and we will rock on our own!

Does everyone on my team sign a talent waiver and a COVID-19 waiver?

Yes…and yes!

One of the things that sets CorporateFilming and FranchiseFilming apart is that we are not just videographers; we are a full video production house. Therefore, we need every member of your team to sign a waiver which allows us to use their likeness how and when we want in regard to the video.

This protects you as a company to always use their interview. The COVID-19 waiver is required so that your team and my team can stay safe on site. An example of that can be found here.

How many people are in your crew?

Our crew generally consists of four to five people. This may include one or two cinematographers, a producer, a director and sometimes a production assistant. Starting in 2021, we will also be adding a COVID compliance officer to our crew at no charge to our VIP Membership Clients on our Gold plan and above. Want to see us behind the scenes? Check it out here!

How do you stay COVID compliant on set?

Corporate Filming and Franchise Filming are just as dedicated to keeping your crew healthy as you are. We are always careful to wear masks, do temperature checks and wipe down surfaces. Starting in 2021, a COVID compliance officer will be present for our VIP Gold Membership clients to make sure everyone stays safe.

If you do not have a VIP Membership, we can provide you a COVID compliance officer for an additional fee.

To find out more about how we deal with COVID, check out our informative video.

The shoot is done. Now what?

Once the shoot is completed, we back up the footage on site as a safety measure. Then we upload it to our server in the office within 36 hours and start working on the rough edits.

Within five days, you will get a call or email from our Director of Post Production, Autumn. She will be your point of contact from this point on. She will give you a timeline as to when you will see the first draft.

Meanwhile, our post-production crew will be working to turn your 8 hours of content into 90 seconds of viewing.

Can I see the raw footage before it’s edited?

Unfortunately, we do not let our clients see the raw footage before it’s edited and here’s why.

The video takes about five days to upload onto our computers and it will take another five days for you to download it to yours. It’s likely your computer won’t even be able to handle it, but if it does, you’ll go crazy trying to view it. The audio won’t be synched, it will look terrible and it will not be worth the effort.

How long will it take before I get the rough draft?

VIP Gold Member clients can expect the rough draft of the video within 10 business days. If you are not a Gold Member client, it may take up to 15 days. From there, you get two business days to send us changes through our system on Frame.IO.

Will you be able to edit the video if I need changes?

Yes, the first product we make will be the rough draft only. You can make changes as needed through our system Frame.Io. If you are a VIP subscription client, you get two rounds of changes. Otherwise, you get one round of changes. Our team will do whatever it takes to make your film perfect!

Can I get captions for my film?

Captions are included for every film for you to use on any platform that supports captions! If you are confused on how to include those, reference this document HERE.

Do you all really have a dance party when it's done?

Of course! Just send us a Zoom link and we can dance together celebrating your video.

“We just received confirmation that we signed a six-figure contract with a new client. Guess how they found us? The video CorporateFilming made for us that helped us tell our story. What an ROI!

~ Vaughn Sigmon, RDL Training

“CorporateFilming has been and continues to be an integral part of our Go Mini’s operation. Their videos have increased location visibility, which directly leads to an increase in leads and notoriety on a local AND national level.

~ Ryan Alphonso, Go Minis Corporate Franchise Development

“I thought I’d have to be involved a lot more. You all have been wonderful….You all are so passionate about what you do….you make it so easy and flexible. From our first call, I was sold because it was so easy to work with you.

~ Marie Eberwein, Art Direction & Marketing, One Login

“The end result was a cost-effective, polished piece that chronicles the journey of a long-time employee from host to franchise owner. The pre-filming, shoot and post-production were handled in an easy and professional manner. I would recommend CorporateFilming to any business looking to tell their story through video and grow their brand.”

~ Mike Halpern, Glory Days Grill

“If you need a team that is versatile and flexible and knows how to just get it done, that’s CorporateFilming. You all handled everything at the last second, created a beautiful overnight edit for us and filmed for 5 days with beautiful photos and video. We will definitely use you again.”

~ Anne Haas, Director Communications, EPRI

“The video looks great, the CEO and I were very impressed! Thank you so much for the quick turnaround time! We’d love to make more videos from the footage you created!”

~ Kristen Altamure, Director of Digital Marketing Operations, Marketing Evolution

“We got over 4 million views on our set of TV ads we had them do. They found the actors, wrote the script, and handled everything. Highly recommended to grow your brand and your business.”

~ Shopkick Enterprises

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