CorporateFilming Podcast Episode 2 Featuring Red Boswell
November 11, 2020
CorporateFilming announces new podcast with Trevor Rappleye

This week, Corporate Filming dives into our second podcast with our first live guest. Join us for an exciting interview with the President of the International Franchise Professionals Group, Red Boswell.

The International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG) is a membership-based group with over 800 members. The members consist of Franchisors, Franchise Brokers, Lenders and other professionals that help potential candidates in their franchising endeavors. Hundreds of franchise businesses have chosen IFPG to represent their companies while hundreds of experienced brokers and consultants use IFPG to help power their businesses.

The company’s success is largely owed to Boswell’s experience in the franchising industry. His strong business background includes an MBA in real world leadership and entrepreneurship. He also serves as an advisory board member for the Titus Center for Franchising tasked with contributing tools and ideas to make the center a go-to for franchise education.

For this episode, Boswell sits in with Corporate Filming CEO Trevor Rappleye to share his insights about pushing sales, the importance of storytelling and the world of entrepreneurship. But in true CF fashion he adds an element of fun that will entertain listeners while teaching valuable life lessons.

For instance, here’s his take on pointing out problems vs. finding solutions based on how he raises his kids.

“My kids actually get into trouble if they come to me with a problem and no solutions. Tell me you got an owie all day long but tell me ‘okay dad, can you get me a band aid?’ It’s a solution-based family right here.”

Boswell also points out how important it is to implement fun into the work day.

“I’ll typically have a suit, maybe even a tie but I always have some fun and, I’ll just show you…”. The IFPG President then lifts up his pants cuffs to reveal that he is wearing red Vans…red velvet Vans no less.

The mission of Corporate Filming’s podcasts is to teach our listeners important lessons about the business world while emphasizing the value of storytelling and having a good time. Thanks to Red Boswell for helping us successfully accomplish our goal for another week’s episode. Check out the Corporate Filming website to make sure you don’t miss a podcast.

Life and Business a new podcast with Trevor Rappleye of CorporateFilming

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