5 Ways Promotional Video Drives Sales
September 28, 2020

Summary: There’s no way around it – the internet has made visual creatures out of all of us. When we’re living in a fast-paced world where everything is online, it’s more important now than ever before to have content that is easily digested by consumers if you want to drive sales. The best way to create such content is with a promotional video and corporate video, which appeals directly to the consumer and drive the sales of your product.

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1. Videos Equal Easy Retention

Most consumers say they find it much easier to remember information from a video than information from an ordinary webpage. About 95% of viewers say they retain information from videos, which means that products or services that are promoted in videos are easier for consumers to recall.

Easy retention of visual information means products are embedded in consumer memory, so when it comes time to buy things online or offline, consumers recall your product and trust in its use.

2. Personalized Videos Are Memorable

Viewers retain information from personalized corporate videos than from standard videos that only show a product – viewers remember personalized content 35% better than non-personalized content. This is the basic difference between a regular advertisement commercial on TV and a personalized, demonstrative info-mercial.

Consumers can better remember videos that are personalized with music, use of product, and niche appeal because it makes the real-world use of the product obtainable.

3. Video Ads Help Consumers Discover Brands

Video ads on social media help consumers discover new brands. In fact, online video ads that are featured on Instagram and Facebook are the leading ways consumers discover new brands that they will later purchase products from.

Social media ads that promote specific products are designed for click-throughs to the website selling the product, so if the promotional ad is good enough it will both sell the target product and encourage the consumer to purchase other products of the brand.

4. Social Media Videos Comes Before Websites

An estimated 58% of consumers visit a brand’s social media page before they visit a brand’s website to make a purchase. What that means for your brand is that social media content is the first source of information consumers have about your product – and that social media content needs to have the promotional information that will encourage a click-through to your website.

Consumers use social media for a variety of purposes, including verifying the validity of your business, checking reviews for your product, and exploring the details of your brand that might be appealing to consumers, such as being eco-friendly or charity oriented.

5. Consumers Share Videos

Consumers share videos like wildfire. If a consumer likes a video promoting a product, they will share the video onto their own social media pages and support the reputation of your product. In fact, roughly 92% of social media users share branded video content on their social media accounts, which is essentially additional advertising for your product. Shared videos also have the implication of being a product trusted by the person sharing the video, which is a neat way to build brand reputation.

6. Video Marketing Engages Consumers

With about 91% of video marketers relying on video production as a focal point in marketing strategy, it’s obvious that the video format for promotional campaigns is on the rise and only going to become more popular. Why? It’s a simple matter of video being the easiest way to fully engage the viewer with both sight and sound. The more a consumer is captured by a video, the more they will invest in the story told by the video; and the more likely they are to buy the product being promoted.

Whether you are using promotional videos to help consumers discover your brand, using social media to funnel sales to your website, or simply adding video production to your marketing strategy, work with CorporateFilming to meet your sales goals. Let the power of personal connection and storytelling drive the sales for your brand with promotional and corporate videos!

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